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5-Minute Student Presentations (5MP) Competition

The NPSMA is looking forward to a return of the live, 5-Minute Presentations (5MP). The format allows students and recent graduates to craft a 5-minute presentation describing their experiential work completed as part of their PSM program. This includes work completed as a capstone project, internship, or another professional experience project. Current students or recent graduates (Fall 2020, Spring, or Summer 2021) from PSM-affiliated programs can participate.

Presentations will be on Thursday, November 11th, 2021.

Directors, coordinators, or faculty of PSM-affiliated programs can submit the following information to the session moderator, Ray Hoobler (, via email:
  • Student's/Gradaute's name,
  • Institution and Program,
  • Talk Title, and
  • Abstract.
Please make submissions no later than September 10th, 2021.
NPSMA will cover registration fees for individual presenters invited to compete at this event. PSM programs or their university should provide support for the presenter's travel and lodging. 
We are working to obtain sponsors that will allow us to award prizes for the top three presentations.

Competition Rules

  1. The presentation can not exceed 5-minutes.
  2. A maximum of five sides can be used during the presentation.
    1. Animated content is allowed; however, animations need to produce a complete slide that stands on its own.
    2. The slide show must automatically advance through the presentation. The presenter will need to set the timings for each slide.
  3. Presentations should follow a "business" format. 
    1. Describe the situation, why it's important, and how they completed or moved the project forward.
    2. Only spoken words are allowed (i.e., no song, interpretive dance, poetry, etc.)