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Dues and Fees

New PSM Program Application Fee

The Commission on Affiliation of PSM Programs will work with the applicant to coordinate our Affiliation Review with your own campus approval processes so that program launch can be synchronized or phased as appropriate for your program. The application for a new PSM program to enter the process for Affiliation requires the payment of a one-time new application fee of $1000. This places the program into queue as a program in Pre-Candidate Status. Receipt of a new PSM Affiliation Application forms places the program into Candidate Status until the review is completed.

PSM Dues and Fees

The NPSMA and the Commission on Affiliation of PSM Programs have been increasingly working in collaboration to improve flexibility, services, benefits and finances of both membership and affiliation to accommodate a broad range of programs and institutions.  The dues and fees described below reflect the collaborative partnership to provide each PSM-granting institution with a single simple annual invoice. The amount of the invoice has been designed to scale with the number of PSM programs, tracks, and students. Each PSM-granting institution is an institutional member of the NPSMA and receives 3 individual memberships for academic faculty and leadership access to all NPSMA benefits.

The annual dues and fees for institutions with at least one candidate program or affiliated programs are computed as follows:

Annual Academic Invoice = Academic Member Dues + Program/Track Affiliation Fees

Dues are $2,000 for campuses with more than 50 PSM students, $1,000 for campuses with 10 or more students, or $500 for campuses with fewer than 10 PSM students.

Fees are $500/program plus $150/track that shares at least 50% of its curriculum with one of your PSM programs.

*Note: Currently paid-up PSM programs will be “grandfathered” by showing a credit until next affiliation is launched.

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Last updated January 2018