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Frequently Asked Questions

What will trigger our institution to be charged the new joint pricing model for both PSM affiliation fees and NPSMA membership dues developed collaboratively by the Commission on Affiliation of PSM Programs and the NPSMA?

Institutions with PSM programs due for affiliation review and newly affiliated PSM programs transitioned to the new joint pricing model starting January 2017.

How do we know when a PSM program at our institution is due for affiliation review?

Upcoming affiliation dates are listed on program pages on

(e.g. see .) If your program does not show this information yet, please contact

I see new information about “candidacy” for Affiliation of a new PSM program. What is that about?

The Commission on Affiliation of PSM Programs will work with the applicant to coordinate our Affiliation Review with your own campus approval processes so that program launch can be synchronized or phased as appropriate for your program.

(1)    The application for a new PSM program to enter the process for Affiliation requires the payment of a one-time new application fee of $1000. This places the program into queue as a program in Pre-Candidate Status.

(2)    Receipt of a new PSM Affiliation Application forms places the program into Candidate Status until the review is completed.

Typically, the Commission on Affiliation of PSM Programs will work with the Candidate for up to one year to complete iterations and review of the application, and make one of the decisions described above.

Our institution paid for the affiliation review of a PSM for a 5-year period in 2013. We should not have to pay annually for that PSM program until 2018 even if another PSM affiliation review triggers the new Joint-Model, right?

Right! When your institution receives an invoice using the new joint pricing model (either through program affiliation review or new program affiliation), it will show the annualized credit for all PSM programs at your institution for which affiliation fees are paid.

Our institution currently has 4 PSM programs and we do not want to pay for institutional NPSMA membership. Can we only pay for PSM program affiliation fees to the Commission on Affiliation of PSM Programs ($500 x 4/year)?

No. In the past, two separate fee structures existed - one of PSM affiliation and one for NPSMA memberships. Some members of the PSM community choose to participate in one or the other, but not both. As a result, they would not receive the full benefits of involvement in this important national initiative in graduate education. The new joint pricing model was developed to provide benefits of both NPSMA membership and the PSM program affiliation to participating PSM-granting institutions. The two organizations are collaborative in providing complementary benefits. An annual payment is made as a single annual invoice for membership dues and affiliation fees as described in HERE

Our institution has 2 programs and we have decided not to affiliate these programs, but we do like the benefits provided by being an NPSMA member. Can we only pay membership dues to NPSMA?

No. The purpose of the new joint pricing model is to ensure that all institutions can receive the full benefits of participation with the NPSMA and the PSM Commission on Affiliation of PSM Programs. This collaboration between the NPSMA and the Commission on Affiliation of PSM Programs requires that PSM-granting institutions pay a single annual invoice for both membership dues and affiliation fees as described in HERE.  However, should an institution decide not to affiliate its programs, the NPSMA will continue to offer individual memberships that provide a subset of the benefits received by institutional members. 

Multiple programs at my institution are PSM affiliated programs, but others are not. How will the unified pricing be implemented on our campus?

Only PSM affiliated programs are included as participants in the PSM initiative. The affiliated PSM programs directors will be given NPSMA membership and receive the benefits of affiliation and academic membership.

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Last updated March, 2018