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Mentor or Hire a PSM Graduate

If you or your company would like to get involved with the next generation of leaders in science and mathematics, we encourage you to mentor PSM students or hire PSM graduates.

These individuals are:

Interdisciplinary scientists

PSM students receive advanced training at the cutting-edge interfaces of science and technology. The combination of science with professional skills and experience means PSM graduates require minimal additional training, saving employers time and money in professional development. 

Excellent communicators

PSM students are often trained in business management, conflict management and negotiation, writing, and presentation skills. The "science-plus" training prepares the PSM graduate to serve as the liaison between corporate research groups and business administration, or to even handle the job of both groups. 

Innovative problem-solvers 

The PSM capstone experience is a team-oriented, multidisciplinary research project addressing challenges and opportunities in the real world. The PSM graduate’s capstone and internship experiences prepare them to hit the ground running for your company.