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Getting the word out about PSM is an important part of the PSM Initiative. If your PSM program is highlighted in your local or regional press, please be sure to send the PSM Team a copy of the press release and the article so that we can help extend the coverage.

PSM Initiative

Message from PSM National Office and NPSMA: 2017 PSM Initiatives and Unified Pricing Model
(February, 2017)

Message from PSM National Office and NPSMA
(September, 2016)

Professional Science Master's (PSM) CAS Partnership 
(December, 2015)

PSM News & Articles

The Professional Science Master's Degree at Twenty  Shelia Tobias and Linda Strausbaugh recently published a short article in the Journal of College Science Teaching to introduce (or reintroduce) college teachers and advisors to the PSM, and to summarize the features that make it a good choice. 
(Journal of College Science Teaching, Vol. 47, No. 4, 2018)

Exploring Academic Models for Biomanufacturing Education
(December, 2016: Biopress International)

A Degree of Uncommon Success 
(June, 2015: Chronicle of Higher Education)

Focus on Job Skills With a Professional Master's Degree 
(March, 2013: U.S. News)

Does a Professional Science Master's Degree Pay Off? 
(March, 2012: AAAS)

PSM Program

NC State's Master of Microbial Biotechnology prepares students to work at the intersection of science, technology and business.(Cross Talk, April 2018)

MSPS Program Director Dr. Saeed Foroudastan and MSPS Graduate Coordinator Carey Snowden discuss how our degrees help students launch successful careers in science and engineering (Video, 2017)

University of Queensland achieves ranking success in Biotechnology research (2017)

NC State University
Professional Science Master's: 10 Year Legacy

University of the District of Columbia 
PSM in Water Resources Management and Water Resources Research Institute - Water and soil testing lab earns national accreditation (2016)