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University of Texas at El Paso

Bioinformatics and Computational Molecular Biology

We offer exciting opportunities in research, teaching, and professional development to meet the challenges in many fast growing industries in diverse areas of genomic and pharmaceutical research. Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary science with a focus on data management and interpretation for complex biological phenomena that are analyzed and visualized using mathematical modeling and numerical methodologies with predictive algorithms.

Professional Science Master's (PSM) degree in bioinformatics and computational molecular biology is an interdisciplinary program designed for individuals from diverse backgrounds to acquire knowledge and techniques with a curriculum established for professional development and communication training. Bioinformaticians will be able to function as professionals for careers in many different private, academic, and government sectors, requiring skills for biomedical informatics, ecoinformatics, and genomic data analyses related to agricultural and human health issues. Please email us at or use Information Request Form.

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Ming-Ying Leung Program Director 915-747-5844

Akshay Agrawal Assistant Director

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Bioinformatics / Computational Biology

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