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Human Donation Science

The University of Toledo developed the nation's first and only academic program designed to prepare people to coordinate and oversee the organ donation and transplantation process. The HDS program, a professional science Master's degree program within the College of Medicine and Life Sciences, has two tracks; a face-to-face track and an on-line track.

The face-to-face track is designed to provide entry-level professional preparation for individuals who wish to become an organ and tissue donation transplant coordinator. The program is full time over three semesters, beginning in the fall semester. Prospective students should plan on devoting substantial time to their studies.

The on-line track is designed for individuals already working in the field who have an affiliation to an organ procurement organization, a transplant center, and a tissue bank. The program can be full time or part time, beginning any semester.

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Linda Miller Interim Program Director

Cyndee Gruden Interim Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean College of Graduate Studies

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