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Science Instrumentation

Quantitative measurements are performed in every area of science, engineering, and technology, providing a critical comparison between actual results and theoretical models or projected performance.  Science and technology related enterprises critically rely upon quantitative measurement feedback to both design and develop new products and control, calibrate and diagnose physical processes.

To perform and understand accurate measurements, one must understand many fundamental principles of measurement and instrumentation, including the physical sensors employed, systematic and statistical errors, dynamic response, calibration, filtering and signal averaging.  The Science Instrumentation Track incorporates coursework from multiple scientific and engineering disciplines to provide students with a fundamental understanding of these principles and exposure to quantitative measurement and analysis.  This knowledge fills a critical need in science-based commercial and academic enterprises.

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On campus

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Meghan Dovick Director and Instructor 801-585-5630

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Master of Science and Technology (M.S.T.)

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