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Enrollment and Degrees in Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Programs: 2013 (2014 Report)

The 2013 Professional Science Master’s Enrollment and Degrees Survey collects data on overall enrollment and degrees awarded in Professional Science Master’s (PSM) programs. It is the fourth such survey conducted by the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) with a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

PSM program directors and graduate deans (or equivalent) representing over 300 PSM programs from 139 institutions of higher education were invited to provide data regarding the number of applications received for admission for the fall term of 2013, the number of applications accepted for the fall term of 2012, the number of first-time enrollees for the fall term of 2013, the total number of enrollees for the fall term of 2012, and the number of degrees awarded during the 2011/12 academic year (July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013). The 2013 report shows that PSM programs stand out as a bright spot for U.S. institutions in terms of domestic enrollment trends.