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Transferrable Skills from PSM Programs

We wanted to gain some insight into how PSM programs are educating students in transferable skill sets. What are the approaches to providing transferable skill sets? Who is teaching this material? What are the scheduling and delivery modes?

Survey responses to these three questions revealed a flexible approach that often expands beyond traditional academic models. Programmatic approaches described in survey responses covered a range of scheduling and delivery options, each of which enables students to achieve proficiency in transferable skills. At one extreme was a set of courses required of all PSM students at an institution, regardless of STEM discipline for a specific degree program or track. In several cases, the set of courses focused on business practices and were offered in partnership with the institution’s business school, sometimes resulting in the awarding of a certificate.

At the other extreme, some institutions provided a menu of transferable skills courses that could be customized by students based on STEM fields and desired career trajectories. At other institutions, approaches to PSM transferable skill sets represented a hybrid approach with some courses required and others elective.

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